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Bienvenido! This five weeks, six credits program is designed for Biology students, and it's based in Cuenca and the Amazon forest. Students will be introduced to the local culture during their stay in Cuenca (2 weeks), and then do field research in the Amazon forest for the remaining 3 weeks.

May 24 - June 26, 2014


While in Cuenca (3 weeks) students will stay with carefully vetted ecuadorian Families, giving them opportunities to be immersed in Spanish language and culture. Students will share meals with their host families, take public transport to class, and learn the many wonderful traditions of Ecuador. During the final 2 weeks, students will be immersed in the rich ecuadorian ecosystem, traveling to places such as the Amazon Basin, Isla de la Plata, Machalilla National Park.
Students choose two of the following three credit hour courses:



Latin American Cul
ture and Civilization; Geography History and Population.  Offered at the start of the summer program, this intensive 3 credit  course, will provide students with the opportunity to understand economic, political and religious aspects of this diverse region of the world. Paired with some basic Spanish, it will prepare students for the second half of their time in Ecuador.


Biodiversity and Tropical Ecology in the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin. Taught by bilingual university researchers based out of Quito this field research course  appeals to both lower and upper division biology majors, allowing students to explore Ecuador’s diverse species and the impact of human development on the tropical forest habitat. Students will have multiple opportunities to work on research projects specific to the bio diversity of the Ecuadorian Amazon, developing skills commiserate to requirements of their course level. ​


Ecuadorian Biodiversity in the Andes. Taught by bilingual university researchers, this theoretical and experiental course focuses on developing skills to analyze and value the components of biodiversity within Ecuador’s Andean region.


PRICE: $3950​

Includes: ​

  • 6 credit hours, 3 Cultural studies 3 Biology (upper or lower level)

  • Guided excursions

  • Housing in Ecuador

  • 3 meals per day

  • All Internal flights and transfers

  • Bus pass for Cuenca

  • On site orientation and 24 hour support

  • Insurance

  • Taxes and fees


This is an optional part of the COUPA Ecuador experience. You can choose whether to visit the island that inspired Charles Darwin theories or not. Please check the box above if you want to include Galapagos to your trip, which will include:

  • 6 days in Galapagos                           
  • Transfer to airport in Quito
  • Flight to/from the island
  • All transfers
  • Daily activities, excursions and equipment
  • All nights in hotel
  • All meals
  • 24 hours emergency number
  • All taxes


*please note that to enter the Galapagos there is a $100 entrance fee that is not included in the add-on, since it’s a personal tax







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